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“I believe that connections in our lives are just as important as setting goals and having strong vision for the future. My strong foundation provided by both of my parents gave me a strong footing for which I could spring forward from. Their constant conversation in my ear created the can do attitude I have held on to for my entire life. The both of them have been the most powerful catalyst of momentum in my life. A driving force and does not let me settle for mediocrity.”

His love for humanity and passion to impact lives each day is his WHY. He began this life-impacting career in his late teens hosting a Christian radio show called Faith Thru The Word with his parents Fredric Levi Sr. and Margie Gant. The topic of choice was Health & Wellness of the total mind, body, and soul. He expanded his skills of connecting with people, by getting several jobs in retail and customer service call centers, which drifted him away from his true passion and gifting for only a season. It was not until after he had a victory over deep depression with the help of his parents, in his mid 20’s that he was able to re-establish a level of focus in the area he truly loved, inspiring others.

Fredric then launched himself deep into the industry of Experiential Marketing that would help him expound on his speaking skills and create connections that would later cross his path back into the Health & Wellness sector. Since his start in this exciting industry, he has spoken in high schools across the United States for the U.S. Air Force, worked with troubled teens under the umbrella of the U.S. Navy, facilitated charity bike builds for the Boys & Girls club, been a rewards presenter for Texas & Oklahoma High Schools and also presented at the the 2015 Rising Star Film Festival. In 2016 he Emceed for the NCAA Final Four for Capitol One in Houston, Texas. Fredric is currently working on year 6 as The Corporate Wellness Coach for Lowe’s Home Improvement North East Division. Each season this wellness tour takes Fredric and his team of medical professional to over 360 retail locations serving over 10,000 employees. Additionally, Fredric holds a Herbal Nutrition certification Penn Foster University and has worked with First Fitness Nutrition for over a decade as a Director trainer working in weight management and nutritional supplementation.

“I believe that no matter what a person’s goals are in life, they will never get or become what they don’t respect, accomplish beyond their belief system, and experience things outside of the voice they respect the most. I also believe nothing is possible without faith and your goals must be led by faith. There are always distractions that veer you off tract to keep you from greatness. How long will you keep allowing the distractions to be successful?”

​His major love is working with the minds of people ready to receive change that will empower them. He believes that your wealth begins in your mind and the wealth of this nation is going to come from the young people. Fredric also served over 5 years as Vice-President for Total Equipped in Dallas Texas, a non-profit organization designed to provide life skills to young individuals. Some areas covered in the curriculum were resume building, interview coaching, inter-personal relationship building, sales coaching, culinary arts, dress for success in life, financial planning, and much more. He has worked with youth in some of the most violent communities in the U.S. and helped to bring about change in these youth's lives.

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Headshot of Fredric Levi Gant II
Passionate About Inspiring Others

ABOUT Fredric

Fredric draws from his own life challenges both physically, mentally, and emotionally, transforming them into the fuel that allows him to motivate and inspire others. It is that faith in a bigger vision that allowed him to have victory in the midst of his storms. He has been using this fuel as a Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach, Emcee, and Orator, traveling the United States inspiring audiences of all ages for over a decade.

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